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Police Crisis Communications Press Release

March 02, 2010

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ETGI introduces eVENT-NET™ Secure Internet Event Communication & Collaboration Software/Service

Enforcement Technology Group, Inc. (ETGI) in collaboration with Specialty Wireless Advanced Technologies (SWAT, LLC) is pleased to introduce eVENT-NET™ a powerful, Internet-based, software/service application that can be used in a multitude of law enforcement, correctional, or military applications and events, including but not limited to:

    • Crisis/Critical Incident Management (Situation Awareness/Common Operational Picture)
    • Online Meetings
    • Online Training Events/Presentations
    • Crisis/Critical Incident Management (Situational Awareness/Common Operational Picture)
    • Remote Data (Audio, Video, Text, and/Images) Access

eVENT-NET™ Secure Internet Event Communication & Collaboration Software/Service Set-Up/Overview:

  1. Virtually any camera and/or microphone can be used (surveillance camera, body wire microphone, personal webcam, etc…).
  2. Delivered with (1) Audio/Video Capture Module featuring RCA/S-Video Inputs with USB Output and appropriate software and drivers.
  3. Delivered with (1) Dell Inspiron 15 Laptop with Local Area Network (LAN) Internet connection port and built-in Wi-Fi Internet Adapter.**
  4. Client utilizes pre-installed eVENT-NET™ software to stream the Audio/Video data to a “Secure” Internet Website.**
  5. Client utilizes eVENT-NET™ software’s “invitation” function to electronically invite multiple individuals to access the “Secure” Internet Website so they may monitor the Audio/Video Data as well communicate and collaborate with one another. 

**IMPORTANT NOTE: Internet connection provided by client is required for operations, High-Speed LAN connection to optimize bandwidth of audio/video stream is preferred, but alternative Internet connections such as Wi-Fi, Cellular, and Satellite may be used.


    • Invitation function allows client to easily email multiple users to participate in the online “event”
    • Client controls which users can remotely access the “secure” Internet site hosting the “event”
    • Once authorized, multiple users can simultaneously monitor/access data (audio, video, text, and/or images)
    • Client and multiple users can communicate and collaborate with one another via the built-in text “chat” function as well as take discussion notes and online polls
    • All information, communication, and collaboration taking place within the “secure” Internet site can be recorded/saved as a video file.
    • Unlimited software use for “event” communication and collaboration during contracted service period (1 year minim service contract).
    • Optional Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VOIP) Function Assigns a telephone number to “secure” Internet site to allow multiple authorized users to verbally communicate (conference call) with one another during the “event”

To download/review eVENT-NET™ Secure Internet Event Communication & Collaboration Software/Service literature please visit: http://www.etgi.us/m_details.cfm?ID=505. To schedule a complimentary online demonstration, please contact us directly at 800-873-2872.

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