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Police Headsets Press Release

June 29, 2005

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TEA Invisio Bone Mic Cell Phone Headset: Solution to Cell Phones Operation in High Noise

TEA Invisio Bone Mic Cell phone Headset If you have a speech intelligibility problem using cell phones in high noise environments, the solution could be the new Invisio Bone Mic Cell Phone Headset.

The Invisio Bone Mic Cell phone headset fits totally into one ear – because the mic only receives vibrations from the user’s jaw bone, the mic signal is not adversely affected by high ambient noise. For example, Police Motorcycle Officers report excellent communications at speeds of 70MPH.

The Invisio Bone Mic Cell phone headset works with cell phones that have “echo cancellation” and is supplied with a 2.5mm jack.

Several thousand Invisio Bone mic headsets are in service with premier Law Enforcement SWAT teams and US Military Special Forces.

For more information, please visit www.swatheadsets.com

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