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Police Headsets Press Release

May 02, 2007

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TEA Offers New High Threat Headset™ Neckband Version

TEA’s popular combat-proven HTH hearing protectors are now available in a new format! This design eliminates the wire headband which can cause discomfort when wearing certain types of helmets. The Neckband Version creates a better balance of force.

And that’s not all! There is a new Silicone earpad available! These gel-like pads are soft and provide even better noise exclusion. They conform to the skin and eyewear much better than the traditional foam pads.

Available as a stand-alone device or, equipped with communications microphone, earphones, and Push-to-talk switch for your two-way radio.

Visit TEA at www.SWATheadsets.com to get your own personal test and evaluation unit.

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