C-AT Introduces the ICRI-G2 Interface for MSAT Satellite Radios

The ICRI-G2 from C-AT is a cost-effective LMR system-to-MSAT bridge. Channel access and PTT for Skyterra MSAT are provided through ICRI-G2 without modification to existing equipment or programming. Buffers prevent audio loss from LMR. The ICRI-G2 can be left connected to the MSAT without interfering with direct handset operation, only linking to the LMR network as needed. Provides continuous operation of LMR and MSAT without additional power, small design permits the ICRI-G2 to fit inside MSAT “Go Kit” or console. Interface MSAT to any ICRI, create expanded LOS-BLOS link with up to 11 radios and RoIP.

Get more info at www.radiointeroperability.com or www.skyterra.com.

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