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Police Communications Interoperability Press Release

November 03, 2011

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Large, Statewide Tactical Force to Receive Tactical Headsets Systems from TCI

BRENTWOOD, CA — Tactical Command Industries’ (TCI) corporate headquarters announced the selection and procurement of over three-hundred TCI integrated tactical headset suites that will be used throughout the state of Illinois by agencies within the ILEAS organization. ILEAS’ four plus year market research, assessment and evaluation of tactical communication headset resulted them selecting headsets by Tactical Command Industries, Inc.

TCI’s integrated tactical headset suites will provide tactical operators with a compellation of components tailored to address the various mission types encountered by law enforcement agencies associated with ILEAS. The TCI system, which is modular in its design, provides digital hearing protection, advanced situational awareness, and connectivity with Avon C-50 and FM-53 APR masks or PAPR systems.

According to TCI’s Don Medine, “We are very pleased ILEAS selected TCI as their vendor for tactical communication systems. TCI has always been known as an integration company, with a specialization in tactical headset systems. The ILEAS opportunity was perfect for us and demonstrated how we can provide capabilities, force multiplication attributes, high-performance, and system integration and do so in a reliable, cost-effective manner.”

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About Tactical Command Industries, Inc.
TCI is a tactical headset development and manufacturing company with offices in New Hampshire, Indiana and California. They have supported law enforcement, military and security operations in over sixty countries and are celebrating their fifteenth year in business. TCI has experienced tactical operators who maintain proficiencies in tactical applications, equipment and tactics. Their personnel trains with customers and many customers believe they have the most comprehensive understanding of tactical requirements in the industry.

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