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October 24, 2013

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Glen County Sheriff's Purchases 45 Wolfcom 3rd Eye body cameras

Glen County Sheriff’s Department Implementing Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body Cameras

Glenn County Sheriff’s Department in California has purchased 45 Wolfcom 3rd Eye police body cameras.  They are just one of many departments utilizing the newest technology and equipping their officers with police body cameras. The benefits, shown by actual practice, are becoming more and more clear as the data comes in.
These new body cameras will be used by the officers to record video of police interactions with the public, document crime scenes, record audio statements from victims or witnesses, and also be used to communicate via their two-way radio.

These tiny units replaces the need for an officer to carry a video camera, digital camera, and audio recorder separately by incorporating those functions into a lapel speaker microphone thereby reducing the weight an officer has to carry.

Wolfcom Enterprises, manufacturer of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye, the first police body camera to feature HD 1080P recording and GPS geo-tagging,  has heard firsthand about the benefits their cameras have given to officers. 

Chief Motter of the Waynesfield Police Department in Ohio, who has been using the Wolfcom 3rd Eye since 2012, had this to say about the Wolfcom 3rd Eye: “I have never come across a better video system than the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. From the GPS tags to the video to the night vision and day vision clarity to the audio recording, I have never had a video system that has come even close to matching the Wolfcom 3rd Eye. Clearly there’s no doubt that I would highly recommend it to all law enforcement personnel.”

By using body cameras, police departments are taking video evidence and its advantages to the next level.

About Wolfcom 3rd Eye
Wolfcom Enterprises manufactures the ultimate Law Enforcement Tool. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is much more than just a body camera. It is a Multi-Purpose, Multi-Functional Indispensable Law Enforcement tool that will assist officers in their day to day duties.

Founded in 2001, Wolfcom has launched several innovative products for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Military, and Consumers alike. Over the years, Our core experience and expertise has been in Audio and Video, Security Surveillance, Night Vision Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Covert Pinhole Wireless Spy cameras. This valuable experience in Audio and Video that we accumulated over the last 12 years set the stage for the release of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.

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