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October 28, 2011

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CJ Announces Command Speaker-Microphone for HMS Radio

CJ Component Products is pleased to announce the “CJ Command Speaker-Microphone Series” to our tactical communication product line. Offered in Military, Tactical and Security versions, all of the CJ Command Speaker-Microphones have a built-in audio jack, allowing for a variety of optional external earphones, providing quiet listening capabilities.

Meeting with soldiers of the U.S. Army JTRS HMS team, I was able to have some good follow-up discussions regarding what is needed, what is wanted and what would is best for the “supplied audio” with the HSM Rifleman Radio, as well as other currently used radio’s in Afghanistan and Iraq. Audio accessories have become very personal, from soldier to soldier. To offer an accessory out of the box as a “supplied with radio accessory”, the speaker-microphone was discussed as a possible product to use. CJ will design, modify the interface and supply samples to the U.S. Army for field evaluation. All samples provided will come with the optional clear tube external earphone, which offers quiet listening capabilities.

The tactical version has been designed around the small radio format used in law enforcement and SWAT teams, such as Motorola, Icom, Relm, EF Johnson and others. Lightweight, small profile and with a clear tube external earphone, CJ’s Command Speaker-Microphone” meets the basic communication needs of two-way radio communication for the officer at the squad level.

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In conjunction with other tactical audio products available from CJ Component Products, available audio accessory choice is provided as an integrated solution for the most demanding applications. CJ Component Products has designed and supplied audio accessories for radio systems worldwide, including Harris, ITT, Codan, Barrett and Thales.

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