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 - The PoliceOne Corrections Products product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Corrections Products. It covers correctional armor, concealable armor and full coverage/lightweight vests; prisoner transport products such as transport systems, transport seats, leg bar systems and partitions; law enforcement restraint devices including handcuffs; and riot gear including handheld riot shields, tactical riot gear, ballistic helmets and training suits.
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Better prepare for any attack with Shocknife
By Erin HicksIf you still use rubber or plastic shanks in your training classes, you are missing a very important element that's never absent in a real-life tactical situation: stress.When you're being ...

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  • Black Boxes Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Are there any black boxes on the market today that would be useful with chained handcuffs with 4 links? We have some individuals with big bellies and smaller ...

  • Gloves for Corrections Officers

    I am a Corrections Officer at Clark County Detention Center and I'm looking for a glove you would recommend that gives the protection and dexterity of a ...

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