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Police Bags and Cases Press Release

May 18, 2010

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Herkimer Industries Big Blue 1st Responder Bag Purchased by Wareham MA PD

Herkimer Industries is pleased to fill an order for the Wareham, MA police department. Twenty Big Blue 1st Responder Bags were purchased with each bag having the departments emblem and cruiser number.

Components are in an ultra-strong, weather resistant Iron Duck® bag. This bag can be customized to meet your specific needs. A Medical component refill kit available!

  • (1) Ambu Res-cue Pump
  • (1) Bloodborne Path Protection Kit
  • (3) Trauma Dressing 1030 DKL
  • (2) Asherman Chest Seal 4”x4”
  • (1) Nasopharyngeal Airway Kit • (1) Disposable Berman Airway Kit
  • (1) Sealeasy Resuscitation Kit • (4) Rescue Blanket
  • (1) SAM/Universal Splint • (4) Elastic Bandage 4”x4.5 yds, Dl Vic
  • (6) Triangular Bandage • (100) Econ Adhesive Bandage 1”x3”
  • (1) Emergency OB Kit • (1) Burn Sheet 60”x96”
  • (10) ABD Sterile Pad 5”x 9” • (6) PAWS Antimicrobial Wipes
  • (8) Antiseptic Towelettes ORM • (6) Procedure Mask Er Lps Bl
  • (1) 7 1/4” Scissors • (10 pairs) Gloves, Nitrile
  • (1) Antiseptic Biohand Cleaner • (3) 2”x10 yds Cloth Tape
  • (3) Super Fluff Roll 4.5”x4.1 yds • (4) Ice Pack

For more information about the Big Blue 1st Responder Bags visit www.herkimerindustries.com.

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