SHOT Show 2010: New mid-sized LED from 5.11 has impressive numbers

The PC3.300 flashlight is water-resistant and neutrally buoyant — meaning that if you drop it in a lake, it will naturally sit on the surface for you to retrieve.

What piece of gear do you own that you can reasonably expect to last for more than 100 years before it wears out? If your answer is “nothing” or “none” you may be interested to know that the newest flashlight from 5.11 Tactical is built to last into the next century.

The mid-size Light for Life PC3.300, powered by advanced capacitors using battery-free Flashpoint Power Technology, uses three Cree LEDs, each rated for more than 50,000 hours. The PC3.300 produces 200 lumens at peak output, 70 lumens in standard mode and includes a 70-lumen strobe. From a full charge you get 45 minutes of runtime in standard mode, then 15 minutes on reserve mode, starting at 25 lumens.

The mid-sized PC3.300 is the follow-up product to the Light for Life UC3.400 Flashlight, introduced by 5.11 in 2009. That launch met with widespread enthusiasm, including being named the Popular Science magazine “Pick of the Month” for July 2009.

The PC3.300 is water-resistant and neutrally buoyant — meaning that if you drop it in a lake, it will naturally sit on the surface for you to retrieve. Its high-strength polymer casing— a little under nine inches in length — is resistant to various abrasions, cracks, and other damage but is remarkably light, weighing in at just 10 ounces. The folks from 5.11 say it “fits well on a duty belt and doesn’t weigh you down, even after a full day of wear.”

Perhaps the most impressive number thrown around about the PC3.300 is it’s charge time. Once the flashlight discharges, all you do is place it in its charger 90 seconds — about the same length as a TV commercial break during a football game — and it’s good to go with another full hour of duty use. Because the flashlight has no replaceable parts to buy or dispose of, it’s incredibly economical and much better on the environment than other rechargeable flashlights.

When you factor in the price of the flashlight, zero maintenance or outlay for batteries and bulbs, and reduced electricity costs, you’re looking at an impressive return on your $160 investment. The new model will become available in the company's catalong, website, and through its retail partners in coming weeks. It comes with a 12V DC charger, mounting bracket, and a nylon belt ring. Also available are an AC adapter, extra charging base, and some other nifty extras.

Two of 5.11’s partners — IVUS Energy Innovations and Cree Inc. — were deeply involved in the creation of these new flashlights. Look for more on the strategic partnerships forged by 5.11 in an upcoming PoliceOne feature article.

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