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Police Holsters Press Release

June 04, 2013

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Packing Heat, Prettily with Concealed Carrie

Packing Heat, Prettily with Concealed Carrie

What woman doesn't want to pack heat in a pretty purse? 

Leslie Deets, co-owner of the gun range SharpShooters USA in Roswell, says as women started reacting to headlines and becoming more gun-savvy, buying and learning to use weapons, she added the range’s concealed carry and defensive handgun classes to her own schedule so she could better represent them to their customers. Then, she started to notice something.

"The women were coming in either with firearms strapped to their bodies--which I'm not comfortable with--or they were bringing them in what was available on the market, in these very unattractive concealed carry options and handbags," says Deets.

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