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Police Duty Gear Press Release

October 15, 2003

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Hiatt-Thompson Introduces Acme EBLAST Electronic Whistle

For Immediate Release

From the World Famous Acme Thunderer People

EBLAST Electronic Whistle from Hiatt-Thompson Introducing the Acme EBLAST electronic whistle from Hiatt-Thompson. This innovative electronic whistle produces an adjustable combination of sound from a horribly irritating stream, varying pitch, or both with the touch of a finger!

Over 40 continuous minutes of sound can be obtained from just 4 AAA batteries. This highly shock resistant, water resistant hand operated whistle is ideal for getting immediate attention in a crowd by bike, safety or crowd control personnel.

CONTACT Hiatt-Thompson Corp. at hiatt-thompson@attglobal.net or visit www.hiatt-thompson.com

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