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 - The PoliceOne Emergency Preparedness product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Emergency Preparedness products and solutions. It covers emergency response products including rescue vehicles, entry rams, riot shields, night vision equipment and sights; police robots including entry-level robots, all-terrain robots and compact robots; public venue protection and WMD equipment including Bomb/EOD vehicles, gas detectors, protection/detection equipment and chemical/biological suits.
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 Product Spotlight
Southern Police Equipment introduces EcoPure Emergency Rescue Respirator
EcoPure provides over five minutes of safe, filtered air and is effective against CO, HCL, SO2 and NH3.

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The Jammer keeps doors open in lightweight fashion.

Police Testimonial: LT. Steve Xiarhos from the Yarmouth Police department demonstrates the...

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  • Gas Masks for SWAT Team

    I'm getting ready to go to Less Lethal Instructor School and I was wondering what would be the best gas mask for my agency to purchase for our SWAT Team? ...

  • Dept. Preparation for Wide Spread Disasters

    I am currently looking at making a small presentation on how to prepare my department in the event of a wide spread disaster. I have not found anything ...

  • LRAD 100 Directional Loudspeaker

    Does anyone have any experience with the the LRAD 100?. It's a directional loudspeaker with a high frequency tone that the marketers claim will disperse ...

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