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September 09, 2013

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Concealed Carry Handbags Designed Specifically for Women

With the widespread growth in firearms sales for women, Leslie Deets, co-owner of SharpshootersUSA with her husband Tom, realized that there was a market for fashionable items to conceal women’s handguns. These women needed a concealed carry handbag that was both stylish and high quality. Enter Concealed Carrie, Leslie’s line of handbags designed specifically for women. These handbags feature a separate concealed carry compartment that securely conceals the handgun in a safe yet accessible manner. Along with the functionality, the fashion forward, all-leather styles catch the attention of its customers. The bags have been so successful that the demand already exceeded the initial supply, as distributors have been buying up quantities as soon as they are manufactured. 770-807-8347, concealedcarrie.com

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