Don’t sweat the ammo!

This short article originally appeared in Police & Security News
By Ralph Mroz

 A lot of police officers get their knickers all in a knot when it comes to choosing duty ammunition. They read all of the manufacturer's specs and test results, they read all the gunzines to see what the "experts" (more appropriately called "writers" — including me) think is the best load in a caliber, they spend hours on the countless internet forums that debate "stopping power," and they pour over the results of whatever street shooting data and analyses they can find. 

Honestly, that time would be much more profitably spent on the range practicing skills and tactics.
Here’s why — all handgun ammunition sucks!  Even, you big-bore bigots, .45s.

It's like the joke John Farnam tells: "What does a person do after they are shot with a handgun bullet?" Answer: "Whatever they were doing before they were shot." Because all handgun rounds are anemic. 

If you really want to stop someone right now, you really need a rifle. Really. The only reason we don't carry rifles all the time (at least most of us don't) is because they are inconvenient to schlep around all day long. Pistols are (relatively) convenient, and that's why we carry them. 

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