SHOT Show 2016: SIRT (finally!) releases long-awaited training gun for M&P users

With the M&P becoming popular with a lot more police departments in recent years, the advent of its counterpart SIRT gun is fantastic news for officer training and safety

Laser training systems can be an invaluable tool to ensure that officers are getting the repetitions they need to prevail in a deadly force encounter. There are several on the market, but probably the leader in terms of brand recognition and market penetration is the Shot Indicating Resetting Trigger (SIRT) Training Pistol from Next Level Training. The trouble has always been that if you don’t run Glock, then SIRT really isn’t for you. That’s about to change for at least one group of users.

At SHOT Show 2016, I ran into Don Gulla, who (with a big smile on his face) informed me that SIRT has finally released its trainer in Smith & Wesson M&P configuration.

For all practical purposes, the mechanics of the M&P version of the SIRT pistol are the same as the Glock trainer, but with one minor change. At the end of the grip on an M&P pistol is a removable pin (this holds the grip on, and can double as a takedown tool). In SIRT’s version, that pin is shaped a little differently, and you can use it to adjust the draw on the trigger, tailoring it to how you have your duty gun set up. This pin also can be used to adjust the lasers.

When the user begins to draw slack out of the SIRT pistol trigger, a red laser is visible on the target. When the trigger breaks, a green laser lights up where the bullet would land had there been a bullet fired at that second the trigger broke. The distance between the two lasers is immediately apparent, and the user can then make the necessary adjustments in dry fire training. SIRT also sells additional magazines, so tactical reloads and speed reloads can be incorporated into your “quiet time” drills.

With the M&P becoming popular with a lot more police departments in recent years, the advent of its counterpart SIRT gun is fantastic news for officer training and safety for those departments electing to run this excellent line of duty guns from Smith & Wesson.

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