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Police Firearm Accessories Press Release

May 11, 2007

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XS Sight Systems Receives Positive Reviews

What the Industry Leaders are Saying

"Absolutely the fastest combat sight available for your gun."
Dave Douglas
Editor American Cop Magazine

"The fastest self defense sights I know of"

Bill Laughridge
Cylinder & Slide
American Pistolsmiths Guild
2005 Pistolsmith of the year.

"If there is a chance that your target will be moving and
trying to shoot/kill you, and you will be moving too, XS Sights are the
way to go."

- Paul Markel-Custom Combat Handguns 2007

"Just finished Gunsite 556 and wanted to say how beautifully your XS white stripe 24/7 carbine sight performed. ... the system enabled me to hit with accuracy & speed under all light conditions. ... quick, simple, combat durable...”
- Eric Olds - Gunsite Adjunct Instructor

For more information, visit www.XSights.com.


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