July 14, 2014
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TRUGLO unveils Brite-Site TFO Handgun Sights

Offers a continued, consistent sight picture for the shooter

By PoliceOne Staff

TRUGLO Inc. has recently revealed their new Brite-Site TFO Handgun Sights for the Ruger firearm.

The sights use TRUGLO’s TFO (Tritium and Fiber-Optic) technology to offer an enhanced sight picture around the clock.

Utilizing existing ambient light, TRUGLO’s TFO technology offers rapid target acquisition by illuminating the sight picture during bright lighting conditions. It then utilizes the tritium component to illuminate the fiber-optic during low light or no light conditions.

This offers a continued, consistent sight picture for the shooter.

Low profile sight housings are constructed from CNC-machined steel and the technical design protects the fiber while concealing its view from the target.

The TFO sight fits in standard holsters and is designed to be snag-resistant. 

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