Firearms Review: The Ruger LC9

With the addition of the LC9, Ruger has the concealment market pretty well covered with this, the LCP, and the excellent little LCR

What is “the next handgun you must own?” Well, Ruger recently made the claim that the introduction of the LC9 answers that question. The LC9, as the name suggests, is chambered for the 9mm Luger cartridge and is a single-stack pistol designed for concealed and back-up carry. The diminutive little pistol looks very much like an LCP but there’s more to it than just increasing overall size to accommodate the bigger cartridge.

The LCP is Ruger’s micro .380 that was introduced a few years ago. The pistol has been a great seller but did lack a few design features. One of the most common complaints is the LCP’s lack of any real sights. The LCP uses a couple of bumps for a rear sight and another bump up near the muzzle for a front sight. Also, the gun has no internal slide lock and does not feature any external safety. Some find these features unnecessary but many customers like these traits on a handgun.

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