5 positions to prepare you and your gun for action

Have you reached a time in your life in which you no longer expect to see continual improvements in your skills and find yourself simply trying to hang on to the ones you have?

By Dave Spaulding
InterMedia Outdoors

I have been very fortunate with regard to firearms training in that I have been to lot of schools, but I've reached the time in my lifewhere I can no longer expect to see continual improvements in my skills. Today I'm just trying to hang on to what I have, and I spend more time contemplating what I have learned and how to realistically apply it to likely situations. Lately I've been thinking about the Readyposition.

Ready takes several forms, but before we can decide what is best, we must first understand what "ready" means. A Ready position is one in which you are prepared to act, and in the case of defensive firearms use, this means you are ready to shoot if the situation warrants.

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