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 - The PoliceOne Police Shotgun product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Shotguns. It covers a variety of shotgun models and accessories.
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The Beretta ARX100 in action. Available in 5.56 and 300 BLK with 5-second barrel swap. Pin-free...

Doug Wyllie talks with Kyle Lamb, founder of Viking Tactics, about the VTAC Sling. This product...

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  • shotgun vs patrol rifle Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    My agency is trying to determine if we should move away from the shotgun and go with a patrol rifle. Some of the concerns that arose are: overpenetration ...

  • Pistol Grip Stocks

    Looking to possibly go to the Speedfeed IV-S 13" pistol grip stock for our 870 Remington Shotguns. Would like some advices as to the benefits/deficencies ...

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