Video: Mini helicopter fires TASER prongs

The remote-controlled tool is currently tracking pirates in Africa

By PoliceOne Staff

A 7-foot-long helicopter that takes orders via remote control is being used at home and abroad to fight crime.

The ShadowHawk, designed by Vanguard Defense took a full three years to develop and can provide daytime and nighttime support in a "multitude of climatic conditions which would impair most air assets."

For police use, it comes equipped with both a digital daytime camera and a FLIR system that can be transported in a SUV to a designated area and launched in just under five minutes.

A version of the aircraft, designed for military use, can be instructed to emit TASER prongs, fire shotgun shells, or shoot grenades. ShadowHawk can be equipped with TASER XREP — very probably a first for any Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) platform for American law enforcement. The TASER XREP is a self-contained, wireless electronic control device (ECD) that on the Vanguard ShadowHawk can deploy via a patented targeting- and firing-system. The battery supply for the onboard XREP is fully integrated into the chassis and provides the power to drive the XREP projectile.

Right now, several units are tracking pirates in Africa, according to Kit Up.

The unit also records and broadcasts real-time video footage, some of which is shown in the clip below.

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