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October 24, 2013

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Canadian Inquest Steps Up Call for Police Use of Reveal Media's RS3-SX Body Worn Camera

Reveal Media’s RS3-SX body worn camera has been trialled successfully in both Edmonton and Amhertsburg (Canada) with the expectation of being rolled out on a large scale in the near future. Police Forces around the country are experiencing an increased amount of pressure to adopt body worn camera programs of their own.

6 coroner’s inquest juries in the past few years recommended audio and video recording of police actions, with yet another jury in the past week calling for cameras to be used by Canadian forces. CBC News said “A coroner’s inquest is held into every fatality involving police in the province and in three inquests held earlier this year, all three made the same recommendation.”

The latest plea was sparked by the inquest of former Canadian peacekeeper Greg Matters’ recent death. The original report on the case stated that Matters was fatally shot in the chest at his home in a confrontation with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) in Prince George, B.C.

However, B.C’s Independent Investigations Office has since announced that it may release a “supplemental report” after discovering at the inquest that Matters was actually shot in the back.

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The lack of objective, first-hand evidence has fuelled the growing debate on the use of body worn cameras. Sgt. Julie Gagnon, a national spokeswoman for the force said regarding body worn cameras “the RCMP does see the value in its use for police and public safety”.

Josh Paterson, executive director of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association agreed, saying any audio or video record would be in the interests of the public and police.

“On many occasions there are questions about the propriety of police conduct, the appropriateness of their actions and having better evidence of that would go some way, in many cases, to helping the police officers”

About Reveal Media
Reveal Media is a leading provider of body worn video camera solutions. Capturing evidence from a first person perspective, this technology has a proven and major impact on reducing levels of crime, abuse and anti-social behavior, as well as delivering significant cost and operational efficiencies to organizations deploying it. 

Reveal Media has been providing complete body worn camera solutions since 2006, and currently supplies body worn cameras and accompanying software to clients in twenty three countries and is rapidly expanding its international activities with three global offices now in operation.

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