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October 22, 2012

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Walnut Creek Police Department Chooses CaseCracker for Interview Management

Walnut Creek Police Department Chooses CaseCracker for Interview Management

Walnut Creek Police Department chose Cardinal Peak’s CaseCracker to improve their interview management.  Through Capture Technologies, Walnut Creek PD found a solution that not only helps to make their jobs easier, but also helps them to make interviews simpler.  CaseCracker helps them to record video and audio simultaneously while staying compliant with courtroom procedures.

CaseCracker allows law enforcement to choose from laptop and desktop interview recording systems that include much more than simple dictation technology.  With this device, officials can simply press one button to record video and audio of their interviews with suspects.  It also comes equipped with rewind, fast forward, slow motion and frame-by-frame options, so officials can play exactly what they want to, when they want to.

Multiple recordings can also be exported at the same time.  The Automatic Export function allows detectives to share with others within the network simply and easily.  CaseCracker also comes with a Secure Hash Algorithm, which will help to validate evidence in the courtroom.  This is a new and important feature that lets litigation know that the evidence has not been tampered with.

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Walnut Creek PD needed this upgrade in order to replace an older system.  Now their three interview rooms will be completely up to date with two new desktop versions of CaseCracker.  Walnut Creek PD chose CaseCracker specifically for its usability and high tech features.

Capture Technologies helped them to find a solution that best fit their needs.  A local public safety solutions provider, Capture Technologies knows and understands the importance of making sure information is recorded accurately and efficiently.

CEO of Capture Technologies Lou Parrague said, “We are proud of our new relationship with Walnut Creek PD.  We strive to offer them solutions in every aspect of public safety, including security, ID and of course, interview management.  We are confident that CaseCracker will help them to perform their jobs like never before.”

Capture Technologies,, based in Oakland, Calif., is a leading provider of security integration and identification solutions for public safety, government, healthcare and educational institutions.  As a service oriented company, Capture Technologies is dedicated to offering cutting edge technology, while keeping businesses up-to-date and secure. 

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