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Police Video Surveillance Press Release

November 15, 2006

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Zistos Introduces New and Improved Under-the-Door Camera

See All Evil...Hear All Evil

Zistos has once again improved the capability of their popular UDC-100 under-the-door camera used in tactical surveillance missions. Employing infrared illumination, video frame integration and an ultra sensitive audio microphone, the enhanced UDC-100 captures high resolution video and audio to covertly ascertain the situational status of rooms that have been locked or barricaded. To ensure user safety, the UDC-100P comes with a 6-foot telescoping pole that allows the under-the-door camera to be deployed and panned from a safe distance away from the door. As with all Zistos products, the enhanced under-the-door camera is fully compatible with all existing Zistos tactical surveillance systems and other components.

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