Video: Tense police station standoff caught on head camera

Burnsville, Minn. officers defused an incident with a knife-wielding man

By PoliceOne Staff

BURNSVILLE, Minn. — An officer's head camera captured a tense standoff with a knife-wielding man at a police station.

Officer Dave Luchsinger of the Burnsville Police Department was in the station when a man entered sporting a cut to the neck and carrying a knife. In the video - captured by Luchsinger's TASER AXON camera - the officer instructs the man to drop the weapon, and draws his firearm after the man refuses.

At that point, the officer calls for backup, and his partner, Officer Brad Litke, responds - opening the door and incapacitating the man with a Taser strike.

Both officers received Awards of Honor recently from the Dakota County Chiefs of Police Association for their handling of the situation, according to WCCO.

“Sometimes we have to do some difficult and challenging things, so it’s good to be recognized for that,” said Officer Luchsinger.


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