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Police TASER Press Release

January 22, 2008

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Dummies Unlimited Announces their Stun Gun Training Vest

Chicago, IL - Dummies Unlimited, Inc., innovators of professional training equipment for 45 years, introduce their "Stun Gun Training Vest". This vest improves stun gun training by allowing officers to immediately recognize whether their "Stun Gun" electrodes are conducting muscle tissue or not.

The vest, which is made of a conductive material, has been specifically designed to be more conductive in muscle tissue areas and less conductive in areas where fatty tissue is more present. This unique design creates a realistic training simulation and not a false sense of engagement.

The vest is an optional item for their "Numb John XT" less lethal training dummy, making Numb John XT the most versatile Less Lethal training aid available for bare hand punching, kicking, baton strikes (including all expandables), Less Lethal Ballistics, OC training, and now Stun Gun training.

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