Video: TASER used on woman after crash

Chelsea Garrett, 23, said a switch in cold medication made her delirious

By PoliceOne Staff

STOW, Ohio — Police used a TASER on a suspect who says she will file a lawsuit against officers.

Chelsea Garrett, 23, said she was driving in early November when she began suffering periodic blackouts, according to Fox 8. Her vehicle reportedly struck a median, hit a van, and then narrowly missed ramming into a Stow officer's patrol car.

Dash cam video shows the officer deploy his TASER, striking Garrett in the chest. The tape lacks audio to indicate what was said during the encounter.

Garrett was charged with obstructing official business and reckless operation, sources said, and she will file a lawsuit against Stow Police. Chief Louis Dirker said a use-of-force review committee will investigate.

"I'm diabetic, I have a few other conditions, I took over-the-counter cold medicine, one of which was new and I believe is what caused the reaction that just made me in a delirious state," Garrett said.


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