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 - The PoliceOne Police Batons product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching all types of Law Enforcement batons including straight, expandable, side-handle and training batons.
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Police Batons Expandable Batons: What's out there & how to choose

The baton is the link between empty hands and deadly force; in other words, officers don't have to put it away to deploy another piece of equipment to escalate or de-escalate force, and no other piece of equipment on your duty belt offers this multiuse capacity. Check out this comprehensive round up of baton options available to you and how to choose the option that fits you best.

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Machined Strike Tubes are one of the unique and important features of the Peacekeeper Rapid...

The Peacekeeper Rapid Containment Baton! Expand your options!

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  • ASP Baton Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Where should the ASP Baton be in the use of force continuum? Is the mere striking with a baton considered "deadly force?"

  • Shoulder harness for handcuffs and baton

    I am a Queensland Police Officer in Australia. We are only allowed to carry a service issued 26" ASP telescopic baton and Saf-Lok hindged handcuffs when ...

  • Will Expandable Batons Hold Up Under Pressure?

    Since 1977 the batons I have carried were solid wood or the polycarbonate batons (some were PR 24 batons). Question: Will the expandable batons hold up ...

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