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Police Less Lethal Press Release

January 25, 2008

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Lethal and Less-Lethal Force Seminar Coming Up

The nation’s leading seminar on lethal and less-lethal force will be presented Mar. 24-26 in San Francisco by Americans for Effective Law Enforcement. The program, featuring a faculty of nationally known experts on the legal, psychological, and physical dynamics of officer-involved shootings and other force confrontations, will be repeated Oct. 20-22 in Las Vegas.

Registration information and full descriptions of content and instructors are available at: www.aele.org/Seminars.html

“The psychology of combat, the often-misunderstood role of biomechanics, the latest legal developments, and the new training challenges facing departments regarding use of force will be de-mystified in this unique program,” says Wayne Schmidt, executive director of AELE, the non-profit organization that monitors law enforcement-related court decisions and files legal briefs on behalf of police agencies.

“This is a practical, up-to-the-minute workshop that’s essential for law enforcement command staff, city and county attorneys, police legal advisors, trainers, and risk managers who need to stay current on fast-changing force issues.”

Content will cover such topics as:

• The “excited delirium” controversy and other sudden and in-custody deaths

• The use of recent ground-breaking research findings to improve investigations of controversial, high-profile officer-involved shootings, including shot-in-the-back cases

• Force implications for dealing with mentally ill, suicidal, and chemically influenced subjects, as well as suicide-by-cop scenarios

• The latest policy and procedural recommendations for electronic restraint devices

• How to dissect and apply in training the most critical Supreme Court decisions related to force

• The impact of consent decree litigation

• How perceptual and memory distortions can jeopardize investigations of critical incidents if not properly understood

• Proper procedures for internal affairs, review board, and criminal investigations.

Instructors will include: Dr. Bill Lewinski, founder of the Force Science Research Center; Dr. John Peters, president of the Institute for the Prevention of In-Custody Deaths; Judge Emory Plitt Jr., an expert in civil liability in public safety agencies; Dr. Alexis Artwohl, former police psychologist; Ken Katsaris, former sheriff and a prominent law enforcement litigation consultant; Greg Meyer, former head of Los Angeles Police Academy and a specialist in reducing injury during force encounters; Michael Brave, national litigation counsel for Taser® International, and Charles Remsberg, author of leading texts on officer safety.  
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