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Police Less Lethal Press Release

March 10, 2009

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TASER AXON and EVIDENCE.com to Create a Revolution for Secured Digital Evidence Collection, Collaboration and Management Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., March 10, 2009 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TASER International, Inc. (Nasdaq:TASR), a leading provider of technology solutions and the market leader in electronic control devices (ECDs), today announced TASER 3.0 -- the future of digital evidence collection, storage, and management -- on a webcast featuring company Founder and CEO, Rick Smith.

The hour-long webcast focused on TASER International's new integrated digital multi-media evidence storage and management platform -- EVIDENCE.com -- which works in conjunction with TASER(r) AXON(tm) -- an on-officer tactical computer and video/audio recorder that captures incidents from the officer's perspective. Together, the AXON system and EVIDENCE.com will revolutionize the way law enforcement safely and securely collects, stores, analyzes, and manages digital multi-media evidence collected by officers in the field.

In a statement made before the webcast, Smith commented about the new technology, "TASER 3.0 is a major platform-computing initiative, utilizing advanced 'Web 3.0' technology to create an integrated end-to-end solution to seamlessly capture, store securely, and analyze digital evidence and information in ways never before possible, that enable tactical and strategic decision making by law enforcement, as well as for legal evidentiary use. EVIDENCE.com brings software as a service for the first time to main street, public safety and law enforcement."

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TASER International anticipates going to market with EVIDENCE.com and the TASER AXON in the third quarter of this year.

For more information about the TASER 3.0 initiative, visit: www.EVIDENCE.com/Info.

About TASER International, Inc.
TASER International's products protect life. TASER provides advanced Electronic Control Devices (ECDs) for use in the law enforcement, medical, military, corrections, professional security, and personal protection markets. TASER devices use proprietary technology to incapacitate dangerous, combative, or high-risk subjects who pose a risk to law enforcement officers, innocent citizens, or themselves in a manner that is generally recognized as a safer alternative to other uses of force. For more information please call TASER International at (800) 978-2737 or visit our website at www.TASER.com.

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