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Police Less Lethal Press Release

December 17, 2012

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Security Equipment Corp. Introduces the Sabre Refill System

Security Equipment Corp. Introduces the Sabre Refill System

New OC Training Technology Offering Cost Effective & Environmentally Friendly Refillable Inert Canisters

Quite often OC training is an expensive proposition, with canisters costing nearly as much live units. As a result, officers are not as prepared as they could be for real world OC deployments.  The SABRE Refill System is the solution, enabling a practical, environmental friendly and cost effective training tool.

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Reality based training is a critical component of law enforcement with today’s violence on the street. In keeping with this theme and reducing cost, the SABRE Refill System enables agencies to put their officers through dynamic training scenarios teaching them proper grip, fine muscle memory and deployment techniques associated with effective OC usage. This technological advancement is designed specifically to give officers the upper-hand when tasked with controlling hostile subjects.

The SABRE Refill Station allows agencies to refill MK-3 & MK-4 inert training units quickly and economically, thus reducing the cost and waste associated with repeated purchase of inert units. The SABRE Refill System fills the refill canisters with deionized water and compressed air in a matter of seconds. These canisters can be filled up to 600 times. The SABRE Refill Station gives agencies the opportunity to provide exceptional OC training with increased efficiency at a minimal cost.

Since 1975 Security Equipment Corporation has produced the most effective line of defense spray products: Branded as SABRE, SABRE Red and FRONTIERSMAN. At SEC, customers are offered the finest defense spray possible with one thought in mind: When a life is at stake, our products must be effective. For more information about the SABRE Refill System, SABRE, SABRE Red, or any other Security Equipment Corporation products, contact Security Equipment Corporation at 747 Sun Park Drive, Fenton, MO 63026 · (800) 325-9568 or visit www.sabrered.comMaking Grown Men Cry Since 1975!

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