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 - The PoliceOne Police Projectiles and Launchers product category is a collection of information, product listings and resources for researching Projectiles and Launchers, also known as Impact Rounds and Extended Range Impact Devices. It covers a multitude of rubber rounds, pepper rounds, other less lethal projectiles, launching cartridges, and various caliber launchers.
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Combustion-powered less lethal weapon coming soon
Lund Technologies is working to release what the innovative company says is the world’s first combustion-powered, less lethal weapon. The Lund Variable Velocity Weapon (LVVW) offers the operator the ability to adjust the velocity of a fired projectile.

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Lightfield Less Lethal's 37mm & 47mm less lethal ammunitions are color coated to help tell...

In this PoliceOneTV Virtual Tradeshow segment, Betsy Bratner-Smith speaks with Neil Keegstra...

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    "I have been tasked with providing information to help generate a basic load of special munitions for the use of retaking a dormitory of 120 persons in ...

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    My department is looking into purchasing pepperball guns and equipment for bean bag shot guns. The information for these items appears scarce on the internet ...

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