Video: Seattle police, 'superheroes' pepper spray woman's attacker

Law officers and vigilante crimefighters subdued a man who punched a woman in the face

By PoliceOne Staff

SEATTLE — Seattle police and "superheroes" broke up a fight after a man punched a woman early Saturday morning.

Phoenix Jones, Ghost, Midnight Jack and Cabby — the city's self-titled "superheroes" who patrol in costume, looking for crime — noticed the man in a parking lot around 2:15 a.m, the Seattle Post Intelligencer reported

According to Phoenix Jones, the man approached a woman holding roses and asked her for a flower. She said no, and the man began yelling at her, using expletives. Then, a group of the man's friends pulled him away, but he walked back to the woman and punched her in the face.

The Seattle Police and Phoenix Jones used pepper spray to subdue the attacker. The man was arrested shortly after while washing his face in a mud puddle.

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