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 - The PoliceOne TASER product category is a comprehensive collection of information, product listings and resources for researching police TASER Devices. It covers a variety of TASER products and includes TASER training tips and news articles. Become a fan of PoliceOne Products on Facebook for TASER updates:

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Crowd control: The TASER Shockwave
Handheld TASERs may be effective when dealing with individual threats but how to control a large scale violent threat? TASER's answer is the Shockwave, a device that fires multiple TASER cartridges remotely to tame the unruliest mob.

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Her trip to the ground would have been softer if she would have initiated it herself when the...

Hardly anything happens in public anymore without someone shooting video of it and then posting...

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  • Civilians using non X26C

    I've been searching for an answer but couldn't find anything! I understand the difference between the LEO X26 and Civilian X26C. Im just wondering if it ...

  • Pepper Guns Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    My last question was in regards to products that can be purchased by civilian personel. I had asked about stun guns, and Tazer guns. My new question is ...

  • Tazeror Stun Guns Secure - Law Enforcement Only

    Are Taser guns and stun guns legal for private use by non-police personal. I have not been up on the lastest rulings as to the legality on the use of this ...

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