Video: Cops pepper spray unruly Md. college students

Students threw beer cans at officers trying to break up a swelling crowd

By PoliceOne Staff

SALISBURY, Md. — New video from a party near Salisbury University shows officers followed training protocols when using pepper spray against a crowd of unruly students, police said.

Officers responded Saturday to a call of a disorderly crowd at a housing unit throwing a party for its 300 residents, which the property managers had notified police about, according to Delmarva Now.  But when police arrived, guests numbered about 1,500, and some began cursing and throwing beer cans at officers who tried to break it up.

Video obtained from one of four arrested partygoers shows full beer cans being thown at officers prior to them spraying the crowd.

"What's interesting about this video is ... you clearly see the uniformed law enforcement professional (does) not deploy pepper spray until a beer can from the crowd is thrown at him," Police Chief Barbara Duncan said. "That's when he knows he has the authority to dispense the pepper spray."

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