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SecPro Police Ultimate Anti Riot Gear System

Published on Jan 30, 2014

The cost-effective, lightweight SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Gear System can be quickly put on or removed with ease for riot control, cell extractions or other tactical situations. The SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Gear System provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma.

The contour molded outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, while foam inner padding cushions the body. Soft brush and mesh lines the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort.

The armors are used for covering and protecting most of body parts which are designed to stand hard blows and shocks and are also anti-punching or penetrating out of stabbing by a sharp tool, anti-fire and anti-acidity. The armor suit composes of a part for protecting the trunk, a part for protecting hands, a part for protecting legs, and parts for protecting thighs and waist.

SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Gear System we produced has passed the detection of the special police product quality supervision center of Public Security of Ministry. The item of product testing: the quality, specification, operational flexibility, protected area, structural connection strength, high and low temperature anti-impact performance, high and low temperature anti-penetration performance, energy absorbency, flame resistance performance.

Simplicity is the important factor. Each piece of the SecPro Police Ultimate Anti-Riot Gear System fastens and adjusts quickly with durable polypropylene and elastic straps with Velcro closures, allowing a custom fit for a wide variety of body types.


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