July 21, 2014
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Etymotic unveils electronic earplugs for police, sport shooters

Earplugs resist movement from a firearm’s recoil, provide comfort on the run

By PoliceOne Staff

Etymotic has recently introduced two new products to the electronic earplug market, including one especially designed for law enforcement.

Etymotic’s EB-LE earplugs are discreet enough to be worn with a uniform, and allow for 360 degree situational awareness at all times by magnifying sound up to five times before switching to noise cancelling at the moment a gun goes off.

When properly sealed in the ear, they don’t move around and remain firmly in place.

The earplugs also offer a dual-mode switch; the first mode allows for adaptive hearing and blast protection, while mode two officers hearing enhancement and blast protection.

Also introduced were Etymotic’s GunSport-PRO electronic earplugs for hunters and sports shooters, which allow natural hearing when no background noise is present and gradually protect from loud continuous noise from vehicles, machinery or gunfire from nearby shooters. At the flip of a switch sound is amplified, improving distance detection up to five times for enhanced awareness.

Both retail for $399 a pair. For more information, check out www.etymotic.com.

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