August 03, 2014
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Trending topics: When a takedown needs a TASER

By PoliceOne Staff

For this week’s ‘Trending Topics,’ we take a look at five videos that show just how vital a tool a TASER can be when dealing with an uncooperative suspect. From a showdown on a beach to a tussle with an increasingly resistant jaywalker, check out these examples and share your thoughts on them below.

TASER subdues Hawaii mayoral candidate fleeing arrest

Maui mayoral candidate Beau Hawkes executed a face plant in the street while attempting to elude an officer in an episode that went viral.


Police TASER drunk man resisting arrest

The man refused to drop his cigarette and continued to smoke it as police pleaded with him not to resist.


Va. deputy deploys TASER on combative suspect

Suspect became aggressive toward the officer during the confrontation.

Fla. cops TASER jaywalker 'by the book'

Police used a TASER on an accused jaywalker when he would not show ID to officers and became increasingly aggressive.

Fla. officers deploy TASER during scuffle with teen

The teen refused to show ID to the officers and became aggressive.



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