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October 24, 2013

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US Air Force Purchases 15 Wolfcom 3rd Eye Body Cameras

The Wolfcom 3rd Eye: Tough Enough for Military Applications

The 51st Security Forces Squadron US Air Force has purchased 15 Wolfcom 3rd Eye Police and Military cameras.  The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is unique among law enforcement body cameras on the market today because it is more than just a body camera.  In a situation where the gear you carry is vital and space is limited, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye shines.  Tough enough for military applications and multi-functional, it is ideal for documenting a variety of situations in a variety of environments. 

When you hold the Wolfcom 3rd Eye in your hand, you can feel the quality.  Made out of sturdy military grade plastic, drop rated for 6 feet and with an IPX3 rating, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye can go with you where other cameras will fail.  Body mounting options are just as robust with choices including a genuine leather case, a thermoplastic clip or a metal clip.

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The Wolfcom 3rd Eye can record HD video (day or night vision), take over 20,000 high quality digital photos, record over 500 hours of audio and playback directly on the unit.  With One Touch Recording and a 6 hour battery life, getting the footage you need is effortless.  A number of configurable settings are also built-in, including video resolution, photo resolution, password protection, Admin and User settings, screen on/off and invert recording.

As a distinct advancement over the flimsy, low resolution, clip-on body cameras of the past, the Wolfcom 3rd Eye is taking body worn cameras from rudimentary to robust.

For more information on the Wolfcom 3rd Eye, please visit www.WolfcomUSA.com.

About Wolfcom 3rd Eye
Wolfcom Enterprises manufactures the ultimate Law Enforcement Tool. The Wolfcom 3rd Eye is much more than just a body camera. It is a Multi-Purpose, Multi-Functional Indispensable Law Enforcement tool that will assist officers in their day to day duties.

Founded in 2001, Wolfcom has launched several innovative products for Private Investigators, Law Enforcement, Military, and Consumers alike. Over the years, Our core experience and expertise has been in Audio and Video, Security Surveillance, Night Vision Cameras, Digital Video Recorders, and Covert Pinhole Wireless Spy cameras. This valuable experience in Audio and Video that we accumulated over the last 12 years set the stage for the release of the Wolfcom 3rd Eye.

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