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Police Mobile Computers Press Release

March 26, 2010

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What Happens If You Hit A Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook With A Fastball?

What Happens If You Hit A Refurbished Panasonic Toughbook With A Fastball?

Introducing the new Toughbook Depot Tough Test

Watch field professionals throw baseballs as hard as they can to try and knock out Toughbook Depot’s refurbished Toughbook laptops. Catch the collisions at www.toughbookdepot.com and receive a free anti-stress baseball just for viewing the Tough Test. This Toughbook Depot Tough Test was developed to show that there’s NO RISK involved when buying their factoryauthorized refurbs. The world’s toughest refurbs are now 75% less than new – perfect for today’s low budgets. Toughbook Depot’s authorized refurbs go through extensive testing where every unit must meet full factory standards. Plus Toughbook Depot’s exclusive “Beyond Process” includes an exhaustive final inspection, unparalleled service, and hard-to-find parts & accessories. Only Toughbook Depot offers an optional No-Fault Warranty, going beyond any standard warranty. Watch this incredible Tough Test today and see why Toughbook Depot is your number one stop for Panasonic refurbished Toughbook laptops.

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