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August 17, 2011

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Tactical Electronics Introduces New Aviation Division and RAPTR UAV/UAS

Tactical Electronics introduces new Aviation Division and RAPTR UAV/UAS

RAPTR supports special operations at every level

Tactical Electronics announces their new Aviation division that will design, engineer, and manufacture durable and reliable, small VTOL unmanned aerial systems. These systems will exceed the expectations of the best special operations professionals in the world.

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The RAPTR is the first VTOL unmanned aerial system in the TE Aviation product line. The fully autonomous RAPTR primarily serves as a delivery/transport platform for intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance payloads. Small enough to be transported to the area of operation on short notice and sturdy enough to fly in harsh weather conditions, the RAPTR can be used in Law Enforcement, Military, and Civil applications. This UAS is capable of providing reliable visual intelligence in real time to the operators at the ground station. Aerial photographs and high-definition video of an area provide a level of intelligence that improves the operational planning process. The RAPTR’s infrared camera system allows searches to be effectively conducted at night.

Tactical Electronics Aviation will provide a live RAPTR demonstration illustrating all capabilities and exercise objectives upon request. Other remote aerial platforms including smaller, multi-rotor VTOL systems will also be available from Tactical Electronics Aviation.

For more information on Tactical Electronics or the RAPTR:
Contact: Curtis Sprague, TE Aviation President at Curtis.sprague@tacticalelectronics.com, 918-249-8326

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