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Police Technology Press Release

January 26, 2005

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Apollo Video Unveils Latest Version of RoadRunner Mobile DVR - 8x Higher Video Quality

ITI Bellevue, WA - Apollo Video Technology announces its newest version of the RoadRunner MR4 with new added features. The Mil-Spec rated in-car video system records all cameras (up to 4) at real time (120 images per second), at 4 times faster speed, and up to 8 times higher image quality than the competition.

Every facet of the system has been optimized for convenience in police applications, offering full control using included software that can be run on a laptop computer. Reducing clutter and redundant screens for agencies that already utilize laptops in vehicles, the RoadRunner can also be used with a optional LCD screen and control panel.

The RoadRunner has numerous options for off-loading video, optional remote viewing through wireless networks, and records up to 4 individual tracks of audio for independent playback. State of the art MPEG-4 compression allows for months of storage on the standard removable 80 Gb hard drive (also available in 120 & 250Gb). Mil-Spec and SAE rated for vibration tolerance in mobile applications, the RoadRunner comes equipped with a 3-year warranty.

For more information, camera & audio options, brochures, and actual video clips, visit Apollo Video at: www.apollovideotechnology.com or call 1-800-641-1401.

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