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May 11, 2009

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Study Confirms Effectiveness of MPH Speed Monitor Products

Eight-year study of speed display signs published which confirms the effectiveness and reliability products of MPH Speed Monitor products

The City of Bellevue, WA recently published a report titled 2009 Stationary Radar Sign report. In it, they detail their experience using speed display devices over the past eight years. The City has installed 31 stationary radar signs over thlast eight years, and the report shows the speed reducti(effectiveness) of the signs, and it also comments on the relative reliability of the signs as well. A number of different sign models from various manufacturers were used during the study period.

The report speaks very well of the MPH Speed Monitor™ sign products, including the following details:

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Over the study period, no conventional speed display slowed traffic down as much as the Speed Monitor signs:

Speed Monitor signs were studied at 11 different locations around the City. On average, the signs reduced speed by 4.1 mph in the locations into which they were deployed. The speed reductions observed from the other brands of conventional speed signs tested were 2.5 and 2.3 mph respectively. The Speed Monitor signs were 70% more effective than the other units tested.

The Speed Monitor signs were reliable over the eight-year study period:

Referring to the Speed Monitor speed displays, the report says they are “the ‘workhorse’ of the Bellevue fleet”. The report also states that the units are “reliable and durable”. The Speed Monitor signs are the only units for which the report makes this claim.

Regarding the study, MPH’s President, Kevin Willis, stated that “this study confirms what MPH has consistently said, that the size and brightness of our speed displays make them a more effective tool for reducing speeds than our competitors’ displays. We are proud to see the quality and effectiveness of our Speed Monitor equipment independently confirmed by this study.”

For additional information, including a demonstration of MPH’s Speed Monitor products, click here (PDF) or contact your MPH representative.

To read the detailed 59-page study (PDF), click here.

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