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November 20, 2009

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MPH Industries Announces the Sale of Its 10,000th Radar with POP Technology, a Feature Which Allows Radars to Measure Speeds Without Setting Off Radar Detectors

MPH Industries announces the sale of its 10,000th radar incorporating its patented POP radar technology.

MPH President Kevin Willis expressed MPH’s pride in this milestone and explained the benefits that this revolutionary technology is providing to law enforcement. “POP technology is allowing officers to catch the most flagrant speeders. Without POP, these drivers’ radar detectors would alert them in time to slow down before being measured by police.” Mr. Willis also stated that “in several cases, POP technology has been the deciding factor for state police and international police agencies in choosing MPH radars over the competition. POP is a very popular feature with our customers, and continues to open doors to new opportunities.”

He added, “POP technology is just one example of MPH’s sustained history of innovation. This trend continues with our Ranger® ranging radar, which shows officers which vehicle the radar is measuring, and SafetyZone™, which helps keep officers safe while they are making a traffic stop. Before these inventions, we were the first company to introduce directional traffic radars, automatic same direction radars, and DVD-based in-car video recorders to the market. Our US-based design staff is actively developing more important new products to make road travel safer and to protect first responders as they do their jobs.”

POP Technology was invented by MPH and is covered by a US patent. POP allows a radar to measure speeds much more quickly than traditional radars, and its signals confuse most radar detectors, making them ineffective. POP Technology takes away a speeder’s advantage if he has a radar detector.

POP Technology is included in MPH’s BEE III, Enforcer®, Z-25, and Z-35 traffic radars.

For additional information or a demonstration of POP technology on any of the radars that utilize it, visit our website at www.mphindustries.com or contact your MPH representative.

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