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March 10, 2006

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Priority Dispatch Corp.™ Releases AQUA Phoenix™ Redesigned Quality Improvement Software

Salt Lake City - Priority Dispatch Corp., the leader in emergency dispatch protocol products, training, and services, has released a new version of its AQUA Quality Improvement Software, AQUA Phoenix.

AQUA Phoenix retains the power of familiar key area reports and templates for assessing emergency communication center’s strengths, weaknesses and training needs, while incorporating many eagerly awaited redesign features such as:

  • streamlined, updated graphical interface
  • refined, easier to use navigation and data entry tools
  • new client/server architecture, which makes it flexible over a wide range of network configurations
  • common technology, singular database for enhanced stability and data features
AQUA Phoenix users will still find their favorite, trusted reports such as: Exemplary Performance, Determinate Drift, Protocol Compliance, and QI summary in the Phoenix version, and the ability to easily document defensible “best practices” for liability issues is still an important core feature. It also incorporates a new, more powerful reports engine that gives you the power to design highly detailed custom reports for a variety of uses such as, in the media, or at city council meetings.

Users will find AQUA Phoenix’s redesigned environment intuitive and simple with radio button fields and check boxes to speed up input, and easy access to the latest National Academies of Emergency Dispatch® Scoring Standards and Case Evaluation forms.

AQUA Phoenix works with all three Priority Dispatch System® protocols (Police, Fire, and Medical) and can be used with either the cardsets, or ProQA calltaker interview and triaging software. When paired with ProQA, call data can smoothly be imported into Phoenix. This link has been proven to double the capacity to do call reviews in the same period of time.


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