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April 04, 2007

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Zimek Introduces the Z-4060A Room Sterilizer to Kill Any Indoor Contaminants

ORLANDO, FL - Zimek’s Z-4060A Room Sterilizer activates Zimek’s revolutionary Dri-Mist™ treatment converting Zimek’s EPA-registered disinfectants into a vaporous flurry of sterilizing micro-particulates with the power to kill dangerous invisible indoor microscopic environmental contaminants. It can be easily moved to all treatment locations and is simple to use. Complete with a user friendly computer touch screen, it eliminates human error allowing the operator to quickly calibrate the Dri-Mist™ treatment time, which can be initiated manually or by remote control. To assist in cleaning areas where mass contaminations exist, a high pressure liquid disinfectant applicator also enables Zimek’s Room Sterilizer to eradicate large quantities of noticeable environmental contaminants with a direct liquid disinfectant application and should be used in primary janitorial and cleaning protocols. The Z-4060A also contains Zimek’s “Treatment Status Software.” This software enables the user to track up to 4,000 Dri-Mist™ treatment applications by assigning a job number to each Dri-Mist™ treatment and records the following information: date of treatments; location of treatments; duration of each treatment; whether Z-vac was used; and related operating information.

For more information, visit Zimek's webiste at www.zimek.com.

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