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Police Report Writing Software Press Release

July 08, 2008

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PreSynct Technologies, Inc. Introduces Presynct_DictaTrans

Law Enforcement Agencies for the first time get digital dictation, transcription and workflow management built into their incident-reporting technology   

Presynct Technologies, Inc. is proud to announce the full release of Presynct_DictaTrans, a built-in dictation/transcription module in the Presynct Report Network. For the first time, law enforcement agencies can now get incident report writing technology that includes digital dictation, transcription and complete workflow management of the incident report writing, editing and approval process.

Officers, investigators and public safety personnel can dictate into a digital handheld device, or a computer workstation, or a telephone handset. The dictation is recorded digitally and is immediately available for a clerk, transcriptionist, or outsource vendor to transcribe. The transcript is immediately routed to the author for the review and editing. Once the author/officer approves the report, it is immediately routed to the supervisor for review and approval or rejection. The approval-rejection workflow is configurable to the agency’s requirements. Approved reports are stored in a searchable database for archive and retrieval, and the data can be exported to the records management system.

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Law Enforcement Technology magazine (June 1, 2008, “Transcription, translation and the death of Distance,” by Dan Durrenberger) noted that it is easy and cost less with today’s secure and confidential internet technology to adopt transcription outsourcing.

“With Presynct_DictaTrans, agencies can blend in-house transcription with outsourcing and retain control and management of the workflow, thereby easing any fears of job loss,” said Evelyn Graham, President of Presynct Technologies. “There’s no messing with FTP’ing  voice files outside the department, and outsourcing can be used as needed in times of peak report volume or as a financial or human resource strategy,” according to Graham.

About Presynct Technologies, Inc.
Presynct Technologies, Inc. develops and sells best-in-class incident-reporting and document-management software solutions for public safety and healthcare organizations. Their business is documentation and workflow process management – processing, handling, completing, and moving more paperwork with less manpower. User feedback contributed greatly to making Presynct the most user-friendly and comprehensive incident-reporting software available. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.

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