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Police Report Writing Software Press Release

September 27, 2013

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Introducing the New NoteM8™

Introducing the New NoteM8™

The incredible popularity and acceptance of the enterprise Presynct Report Network software gave birth to the NoteM8™ mobile application.

NoteM8™ is a native application that operates as a standalone app, but with the built-in capability to synchronize with an enterprise server.  With NoteM8™ Peer-to-Peer sharing, users write reports once, and share with one or many Peers at user’s option.

NoteM8™ maintains a local install of data, images, and documents.  You can synchronize your local data with an enterprise installation of the Presynct Report Network.

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Custom forms can be built into the NoteM8™ app.  Just like the Presynct Report Network solution, NoteM8™ users efficiently collect, organize, process, complete, share and move more data in less time and with minimal human effort – and no paper! 

There is no easier, more useful paperless workflow technology available anywhere!

Learn more here: http://www.notem8.com/index.html. or call for information 866-773-7962.

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