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January 03, 2008

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New weapon in war against drunk drivers gets nod from patent office

TORRANCE, Calif. — AcuNetx, Inc. announced today that its HawkEye™ law enforcement system, which is manufactured and marketed under an exclusive agreement with the company’s subsidiary, VisioNetx Inc., has been awarded two separate patents by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.

“HawkEyeTM is fast becoming the standard tool for training law enforcement officers who patrol the nation’s highways and an invaluable aid in collecting data needed to identify and subsequently prosecute drunk drivers. Not surprisingly, the HawkEye™ is being increasingly used at sobriety-check points and field evaluation sites,” said Ron Waldorf, CEO of AcuNetx and co-inventor of the system.

Waldorf went on to say that, “Coming on the heels of receiving a 2007 Innovation Award for HawkEye™, the patents reinforce our belief that the HawkEyeTM will make a significant contribution to the company’s growth in the years ahead.”

The facts are sobering:

1. Approximately 160 million episodes of alcohol-impaired driving occur each year;

2. Drugs other than alcohol figure in some 18% of all motor vehicle driver deaths; and

3. Alcohol-related crashes in the United States cost the country over $50 billion annually.

AcuNetx has recently launched the HawkEye Video Portal (www.acunetx.com/hawkeye) as a clearinghouse for information related to the “eye-signs” of impaired drivers. The site, a first on the internet, permits posted data to be streamed round-the-clock to viewers.

About AcuNetx, Inc.
AcuNetx markets a diverse line of diagnostic, analytical and therapeutic tools for medical (audiologist, neurologists, otolaryngologists and physical therapists as well as hospitals, clinics, and extended care facilities) and law enforcement applications. AcuNetx is headquartered in Torrance, CA. For more information concerning AcuNetx and its subsidiaries, please visit www.acunetx.com.

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